Wealth is a conscious process. You choose how much money you make. Everyone has money blueprints. Some can be cultural, spiritual, familial, and even from your gender. These blueprints create your mindset. Your mindset creates your experience. Wealth is a discipline. You have to be responsible for every dollar that comes in and every dollar that goes out.

Know that the prosperity in your life does not reflect your service in the world. You are worthy of receiving all that you want. You can create miracles when you speak. Define what you love, then go do it. Create wealth doing what you love. It’s all about taking action. Become actively engaged in your development. Pursue your calling with 100% laser-focus and absolute certainty towards fulfilling your dreams. Give yourself permission to not know it all and take risks towards your goal. Honor your gifts and talents.

Wealth is also about what you do with what you make. Respect what you have. Write it down. Understand where your money is going. Create good habits. Follow the “golden rules” of wealth accumulation:

  1. Save First, Invest Second.
  2. Save least 10% of your income.
  3. Use credit wisely.
  4. Start investing early and think long-term.
  5. Diversify.
  6. Take full advantage of your employer’s retirement plan and other tax-advantaged investments.
  7. Invest more, reduce debt.

Continue to learn and your mindset will change. A rich mindset will give you the motivation to be disciplined and create the wealth you desire.

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