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22 Aug 2016

Reducing Stress Levels

Relaxed BloggBeing an entrepreneur for 18 years now I had to find different ways to deal with stress effectively. Stress is something that all leaders have to learn to manage. When not managed properly it will lead to many health conditions such as a heart condition, diabetes, high blood pressure etc.
Do you ever wake up and don’t feel like yourself? I have .. How do you deal with this? The first thing about not feeling like your self is being aware that this is going on. You have to learn to be in tune with your self. You learn to be in tune by asking yourself a few simple questions throughout the day like how am I feeling right now. Do I feel happy, relaxed , nervous, excited ? Asking yourself these questions on a regular basis through out the day will help you be in touch with you. It is very important that you are in tune with you because how you feel will dictate how everything else in your day goes. Have you noticed when you wake
up and say I don’t feel too good or I feel off the rest of your day goes exactly down that path. This is why its extremely important that when we are feeling off we learn to get our phychic up.

There are many ways one can do this. Some of the things I like to do on a regular basis is exercise in the morning. I prefer to get on my treadmill and go for thirty minutes. That tends to get my day moving in the right direction. Even if my day does not go as planed I feel empowered to take the day head on after a good run. When you exercise in the morning it gets your body moving the blood flowing  and endorphins going which have proven to get you in a good mood.

Breathing techniques, learn to breath to improve your psychological state. There are a variety of breathing techniques that help improve ones moods. one of my favorite is breath in for 5 seconds hold your breath for 5 seconds and breath out for 5 seconds. This is a great 15 second breathing strategy to relief stress in the middle of the day when things feel like they are not going the way they should. It is very important that you are aware or the way feel because as you feel so will your day go. Another great breathing technique is put your arms above your head breath deep for 10 second and then put your arms down and breath out for ten seconds. This exercise will bring oxygen to your brain and will get you in a more relaxed state.

Last thing one can do to improve their mood and lower stress is go out for a walk. In the middle of the day when things are crazy at work, go out for a walk right after you have your lunch. Not only will this lower your stress and clear your mind but it has tremendous health benefits. I have the luxury of living in a part of the country that has a lot of nature trails. When I am not feeling in tuned with myself I like to go out in the woods by myself and meditate. This does wonders for me and it will do the same for you if give it a try.

The most important thing is for you to be aware. Ask yourself in the morning how am I feeling this morning? Say to yourself today will be a great day because I feel great. There is a magic with the words you speak. We have the tendency to feel better when we say we feel good. Next time someone ask you how you doing today answer them with I feel fantastic!

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By: Martin Perdomo CEO

Elite Sales Consulting Group

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