Martin Perdomo

The Elite Strategist
Sales Consulting Expert, Certified NLP Coach, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapist,
Elite Strategies Radio Show Host on Redink Radio Live


Martin is the Founder/Director of Elite Sales Consulting Group, a professional and personal development company created to inspire, equip, and empower leaders, entrepreneurs, youth & young adults to live a life by design and not by default. He is the host to Elite Strategies Radio Show on every Monday at 9am est. and Thursdays at 6pm est. He provides his listeners with empowering strategies to live a more happier and fulfilled life in all areas of their life. You can listen to his archived shows right here on this website.

Martin is also a Neuro Linguistic Programing Coach,  When working with corporations or sales teams he teaches the 5 step sales process to help his clients increase their sales as well as teach them how to utilize NLP to increase their sales, retention and decrease turnover. Through these teachings he has helped  clients double their businesses in under 1 year.

Martin Perdomo is an inspired instructor, speaker, philosopher, entrepreneur. He acquires the skills to help remove any negative emotion or limiting belief when working with him. He will get you out of any stuck state… GUARANTEED RESULTS ! His fulfillment comes from empowering and equipping “MINDS” to think different in order to live and be different. Martin embraces the challenge of helping individuals shift their thoughts into actions by helping them find what they really want in their life and creating congruency in their mind so that you can go towards what you want at an accelerated pace. He excels them into their purpose through professional empowerment, self and personal development, and leadership development.

“Psychology, Physiology, and your vocabulary are the three keys to an empowered individual”

~Martin A. Perdomo

They were tireless in their commitment and guidance. Having Elite Sales Consulting Group, work for us as consultants was truly invaluable.

Elite Sales Consulting Group are the coaches every leader needs.

Ohilda is extremely driven sales professional. She teaches how to listen for customer needs and position products based upon this.

[Ohilda] has given me great insight as to what I need to be mindful for, to have great success in my business. She such a pleasure to work with and always encouraging. I couldn’t be more grateful!

Ohilda is reliable, professional, motivated and caring.  She is always looking for new ways to help her clients achieve and live to the best of their abilities.

[Ohilda] helped me figure out how to put my vision and goals for my fitness company together and turn them into reality! She also helped me stay motivated throughout my journey to success!