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Bienvenido to Elite Sales Consulting Group.

Are you driven to success? Are you passionate about your sales and your business? Do you wonder how you’re going to reach that next step in your journey?

Elité is about you. It’s about increasing your sales, and growing your business by helping you grow. We are happy to announce the launch of our iClose Workshop. It doesn’t matter if you are new to business, sales, or a seasoned professional looking for some fresh ideas, we are here to help you grow your income, and Elite’s iClose Workshop Series will get you there.

Join Us in the
iClose Workshop Pilot Series
for just $39.99/mo
and Save 60%

Or pay annual subscription and receive an additional 10% discount.

BEST VALUE $431.90 Annual.

Price will go up to $99.99  per month in 60 days!

Joining the iClose Workshop Gets You Access to…


You will gain access to a growing list of iClose Workshop videos, with new videos being added each month. In these videos, Elite Sales Masters will teach you valuable and actionable strategies that you can use to improve your sales, and increase you income. The first video “Handling Objections” is live now

Elite Sales Masters
Bi-monthly Meeting

Each month you will have the opportunity to speak live with Elite Sales Masters who will answer any questions you might have about the workshop, implementation of the strategies you are learning, and ways to improve your sales approach.

Workshop Private
Facebook Group

You will have access to a private community of Elite Peers on Facebook to help you brainstorm, provide you with peer accountability, and support you in a group setting.


You will have access to resource materials that you can download and keep on hand for reference.

The iClose Workshop
Will Teach You…

The iClose Workshop series will teach you valuable and actionable strategies for topics like:

  • How the sales process works
  • What you should expect from a successful sales process
  • How to handle the most commonly given objections.
  • What you need to do before you win the sale – skip this step and you’re just throwing money away!
  • Moving forward – Making the most of your relationships by staying focused and on target – and how to continue to learn from your experiences to increase your income.
  • And so much more…

… and You Will Get Support from
Both Peers and Sales Masters

We want to do more than just teach you through workshop videos, we want to be there to support you through the important growth you are about to experience. So in addition to the videos and resource materials, to help you on your journey you’ll also have access to:

The Private Facebook Community for You and Your Elite Sales Peers
You will have access to a private community of Elite Peers on Facebook to help you brainstorm, provide you with peer accountability, and support you in a group setting.

Bi-Monthly Meetings with Sales Masters
You’ll also have access to exclusive bi-monthly meetings with Sales Masters to help troubleshoot specific situations and ask questions that require additional insight and experience.

Why Choose To Learn From Us?

How can you be sure we are going to help you achieve all of that? We did it ourselves. Ohilda and Martin grew up in Washington Heights, NYC. We rose from humble beginnings to achieve so much. We know how to be successful in business, and have sold billions of dollars of products and services.

And now we’re here for you.

Get In Now and Take Advantage of
Low Cost Pilot Program Price

The Elite iClose Workshop Series will require a $99.99/mo membership once the pilot program has ended. As a thank you for being an early iClose workshop member, and providing us with valuable feedback, you’ll receive full membership benefits for just $39.99/mo. Your monthly membership will always be just $39.99 even once others are being given $99.99/mo as the only option for iClose Workshop membership.

Don’t Let This Opportunity Pass You By. Your sales are your money, so start growing and making more money today with the training and support of the Elite Sales iClose Workshop!

Join Us in the iClose Workshop Pilot

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