Investing In Morale

Best time to invest in your business growth

Investing In Morale

Best time to invest in your business growthHigh pressure situations call for high levels of self-control and inner strength. Sometimes we experience challenges that make us spin our tails. However, it is in these troubling times that we must exercise high levels of self-discipline and no
t let the circumstances drown us. It is from that place that one must extract all the inner strength that we have gathered, when all is going well

You are probably saying to yourself, what the heck is he talking about? There is an old saying in sales, that states that the best time to make a sale is after you have closed a sale. The reason is that when one closes a deal, one feels confident and assured. Thus your next presentation will be delivered in the same manner as you feel. Same holds true for life situations. It’s important that we are constantly self-improving, reading, exercising, meditating and or finding those activities that center us. We must find that thing that fills and completes us. When we find the activity that centers us, we must then find time to do it on a regular basis.

The other day I connected with an executive on LinkedIn. I sent him my standard introduction letter and was offering my services to hold a workshop on how to close more sales for his sales force. His response; “Martin, Thanks for the outreach. At this time, we are experiencing solid business growth and are not seeking support/consultation”. The challenge with us humans is just exactly how this gentleman responded, often times when we are experiencing growth and doing very well we think we don’t need help and it is in these same times that we should be looking for additional growth. It is when we are doing well, when we should invest in reinforcement, not when things are on a downward trend. It is wise to invest in yourself and/or your company when all is well because morale is high. You and your staff will be more receptive to new ideas and most important, your attitude is positive. When things are well we don’t tend to think that things will go bad. We think things will be good forever, and that’s just not realistic.

A lot of times we find ourselves with tough challenges in life and these are the times we want to pick up a book, go on a run, or maybe even meditate and yet it helps us very little. The reason for that is, that you are not doing it on a regular basis. Plus now that you are doing it, your morale is down and your attitude is at a low point. One of my mentors, told me you must learn to eat minnows every day so that you have enough strength to catch the whale when she comes. Oh boy these were wise words; we as human beings tend to only want to improve when we think things need improving, but the reality of life is that we always need improving. There is always a better way to do things than how you are currently doing it. I am a big believer in the, “The biggest room is room for improvement”.

Don’t expect to be centered and calm when things get tough if you’re not taking the time to invest in yourself when things are good. Become aware!
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By: Martin Perdomo CEO
Elite Sales Consulting Group
“Strengthen your mind, Empower your Will”

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