Five principals to achieve success

Five principals to achieve success

I like to suggest a strategy that you can use  to achieve success in any area of you life. This strategy is utilized as you will shortly see by many very successful individuals. I call this the five principals to achieve SUCCESS!
1. Know your outcome
Know what you want before you start anything. Knowing what your outcome is dramatically increases your chances of success.
2. *Take action
If you have an idea and do nothing , nothing will happen. The journey of 1,000 miles starts with one step. -Chinese proverbs
3. Develop sensory acuity
Learn to look at someone and identify what’s going on inside. This is a skill set that will change the way you communicate.
4. Behavioral flexibility
Learn to Adapt to other people’s behaviors from moment to moment.  This type of flexibility will allow you to build rapport on a deeper level.
5.* Operate from a physiology and psychology of excellence.
55% of communication is physiology, think about what you want and check that the way you are standing is a powerful physiology. That will assist you in producing the kind of results you want.

Elite Sales Consulting Group is all about providing strategies to help you achieve success.

Go ahead and take a few minutes NOW and write down the outcomes you would like to have next week.

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Martin A. Perdomo
“Peak Performance Expert”


  1. Very well written and well thought out article!

  2. Great Post, it is especially useful when the author takes the time to spell out a solution in detail!


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