Elite Will Power

Elite Will Power

Will power is an important component needed in order to reach high level of success in any walk of life. Without it you will fall and falter at the first sign of adversity. I remember many years ago at the tender age of 19 when I was first exposed to corporate sales. My manager at the time, expressed to me how he was impressed at my resilience , will power and determination to succeed. I had just finished calling a batch of leads and got no appointments.I walked into my sales managers office asking him to give me some orphan clients to call on as I had already finished calling on the leads I had. I remember being full of excitement and enthusiasm. I was ready to take on the world , waiting for the next person that was going to give an opportunity to make them a presentation. This will to win carried me through those first few tough years in my sales career. Will power is the glue that holds a man together when the whole world turns on him.  A man without will is like a engine with no power, Strength of will is the test for a young mans possibilities. In order to develop strong will power one must first have a healthy self image. A strong self image is the base of strong will power. I will give you 4 important steps to build a healthy self image By Dr Maxwell Maltz

  1. Forgive others with no strings attached . Clean the slate absolutely.
  2. Forgive yourself, see yourself with kind eyes.
  3. See yourself at your best. You can start your day with confidence or frustration the choice is yours.
  4. Keep up with yourself, don’t worry about what other are doing or have. Keep your pace, Live the life you want to live.
  5. Stop carrying around a mental picture of yourself as defeated worthless person. Stop dramatizing yourself as an object of pity or injustice.

Every morning read the following affirmation. “I choose my own thoughts. I hold onto them as long as I choose. My will is a strong as anyone else”!

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By: Martin Perdomo CEO

Elite Sales Consulting Group

“Strengthen your mind, Empower your Will”

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