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20 Sep 2017

NLP And How You Can Use It To Influence Corporate Culture

What is Corporate Culture?

Corporate culture is a system of beliefs, practices, values, symbols, and rituals that define an organization and, whether spoken or understood, determines the ways in which employers and employees think, feel, and act. In other words, corporate culture and its impact can be gauged by the ways in which the two domains reflect and reinforce one another. Having said this, haven’t we all at some point thought that there is a disconnect between individual goals and the overarching goals set by the organization? Haven’t we felt that our actions are not being adequately rewarded or that the organization doesn’t seem to be valuing its people anymore? These are instances of an unhealthy work culture and before fixing it, we must recognize what constitutes a good, strong corporate culture.

Elements that Go into the Making of a Good Corporate Culture

Benefits of a strong corporate culture are many, and while there can be many things that go into making of a good corporate culture; the following are the six most important components:

  1. History: Like people, organizations, too, have their own history, a unique story and this forms the backbone of a company’s work culture. Be it Steve Jobs’s single-minded dedication to master calligraphy, thereby resulting in Apple’s aesthetically oriented work culture or The Henry Ford museum in Michigan, it is important to nurture this narrative for it to be relevant.
  2. Architecture: A place, whether in terms of geography or design, shapes and influences behavior. Nowadays, there is a move towards making workplaces more fluid or open as opposed to closed, soundproof cabins so as to promote collaboration and team work. This is important for many reasons, the primary one being that a place impacts culture.
  3. People: Perhaps the most well-known yardstick, an organization is best distinguished its people who share its vision and values and contribute towards its growth.
  4. Vision: A great vision precedes a great culture. Like thoughts precede action, a vision gives direction and facilitates the movement towards its realization. The social service sector best exemplifies this. Often in the absence of architecture or a prolific history, several NGOs are motivated by their vision.
  5. Values: Values help realize vision and are at the core of an organization’s work culture. An organization may have a set of values, such as how well it is committed to achieving the best, how it treats its clients and employees, and this forms the crux of its work culture.
  6. Practices: The above-mentioned points mean nothing if they are not implemented and the ways in which an organization carries out its vision and values takes the form of practices.

However, there are times when we feel dissatisfied with our roles and don’t know why, or so we think. In many ways this is the problem. Our belief systems often hold us back from becoming who we want to be. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a science of human behaviour that believes we can change our perception, approach, and communication in order to overcome our fears and strengthen our mind and body.

What is NLP?

Created in the late 1970s, NLP is a combination of three fields, namely, neuro function—the way the five senses make meaning often through deleting, accentuating, filtering, or distorting, linguistics—post processing, the ways in which we perceive the world and how it reflects in the kind of language we use; this also comprises our internal and external dialogue, and programming—best understood as our internal landscapes or as ‘standard operating procedures’ that govern our everyday lives.

Corporate culture is essentially about communication and many a time, either due to miscommunication or inadequate communication, employees and/or the organization may feel dissatisfied and disassociated.

How Can NLP Help to Enhance Corporate Culture?

Among indicators such as frequent quarrels amongst employees, unhealthy competition, bad habits such as gossip, and dwindling team spirit, low attendance is by far the most significant indicator of poor corporate culture. Since our emotions have a direct impact on our body, a troubled mind will inevitably lead to a troubled body, thereby causing harm to the overall image of an organization. Nowadays, many organizations are taking an active interest in strengthening employee performance by holding NLP workshops with which techniques of facilitating change are taught. According to NLP, desirable behavior and qualities can be simulated in our day-to-day lives. For example, since leadership and better communication skills are inextricably linked with corporate life, these can not only be taught but also emulated. With NLP, high performance, ambition, and good decision-making skills, just to name a few, are no longer exclusive to the gifted. These are skills that can be understood and learnt by anybody.

If an employee is experiencing low self-esteem or is lacking in confidence, often expressed with phrases such as ‘… it’s too difficult’, ‘… there isn’t enough time’, or ‘… I can’t do it’, the management must take steps to ensure that the issue is resolved. As per NLP, situations like these can be dealt with a simple reprogramming exercise. In this exercise, the mind is trained to reimagine or visualize alternative responses to the challenge. For example, if a task needs to be completed urgently and there isn’t enough time, the mind, instead of panicking, is trained to imagine the task as needing only the given amount of time. The essence of NLP lies in the ways in which we use language and how words accompanied by our internal landscapes reinforce and influence our actions.

There are few amongst us who are impervious to the wear and tear of our demanding work life and our work culture is most vulnerable to the shifts in energy. If there is anxiety, it will immediately get reflected; if there is insecurity or not inadequate leadership, it will show. With NLP, organizations can systematically build, reinforce, and sustain a good and healthy work environment and motivate employees to give their best.

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11 Sep 2017

Five principals to achieve success

I like to suggest a strategy that you can use  to achieve success in any area of you life. This strategy is utilized as you will shortly see by many very successful individuals. I call this the five principals to achieve SUCCESS!
1. Know your outcome
Know what you want before you start anything. Knowing what your outcome is dramatically increases your chances of success.
2. *Take action
If you have an idea and do nothing , nothing will happen. The journey of 1,000 miles starts with one step. -Chinese proverbs
3. Develop sensory acuity
Learn to look at someone and identify what’s going on inside. This is a skill set that will change the way you communicate.
4. Behavioral flexibility
Learn to Adapt to other people’s behaviors from moment to moment.  This type of flexibility will allow you to build rapport on a deeper level.
5.* Operate from a physiology and psychology of excellence.
55% of communication is physiology, think about what you want and check that the way you are standing is a powerful physiology. That will assist you in producing the kind of results you want.

Elite Sales Consulting Group is all about providing strategies to help you achieve success.

Go ahead and take a few minutes NOW and write down the outcomes you would like to have next week.

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Martin A. Perdomo
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05 Sep 2017

Business Mastery 2017

August 16, 2017  I arrived in Las Vegas Nevada not knowing what to expect as I entered a very expensive business seminar held by Mr. Tony Robbins. The very first day at the event was to get us in the right state, the music was playing the lights were dimmed and the dancers were on stage. Immediately after the dancers get off the stage Tony comes out and BAM! he’s right in your face giving it to you. The first thing I realized was that he was making me aware of things that seemed so obvious but most us in business can’t see because we are too busy operating our business rather owning our business. Yes there is a difference, an operator works in the business and not on the business and boy oh boy that was a slap in my face but a good slap because it woke me up. An operator is so lost in his business that he can’t see the forest for the trees. An owner on the other hand is constantly building a foundation so that he no longer has to work in the business and his team runs his business while he works on the business. Mr Robbins said “If you want to get rich the only way you will ever do that is by becoming a business owner”  Then we were faced with facing the reality of identifying who you really are in your business. Are you an Artist /Creator , Manager/Leader or Entrepreneur?. Artist creator is a person that has a particular skill with a passion to do what he does and thats why he/she went into business, likes to do things himself and prefers to be in control. A Manager /Leader is a person who is good at leading other, creating and implementing processes and an Entrepreneur is the person that is in business just for the thrill of the risk and or make money, he or she has no emotional attachment to the business all he/she wants is to make money.

By this time I was already feeling really upset! Internally I had been faced with the harsh reality that most things I thought about in business or how I was as a business owner was absolutely wrong. I quickly realized that I was an Entrepreneurial Artist /Creator and I was lacking a lot of different skills If I was ever going to get to where I want want to be. That night I went to my hotel really upset at myself because here are very successful business people telling me if you want to scale our business this is what you need to be doing and what you are currently doing is wrong… SH** I have some serious changes to make! Okay usually I am the one that is sought after for advice by many and when this occurred I to got in my head and as Tony says “If you get in your head your dead” After two days of being totally pissed off at myself the growth started. I decided ok I have traveled the road less traveled Im here looking to grow and gain new skills let me embrace and start moving forward from here. I started having the right conversations in head and I started asking better questions. I got to the point of enough pain and pain causes change. Yes thats right pain causes change. I finally embraced this process and boom everything started to fall into place. I met people from all walks of life and different countries gained some potential new clients referred some of my contacts to others and it was a wonderful growing and learning experience for me as well as many others that were there. This experience at this business seminar will change my life and the way I do my business. I say to any business owner that is considering going to this event do it. This will be one of the best investments you will make in your business. Tony taught us to always create raving fans of your clients by over delivering in value and I say to you that Tony has done that for me. Me being an NLP coach and consultant just like Tony I have to say he is a master in the craft.

By: Martin A. Perdomo NLP®

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22 Aug 2016

Reducing Stress Levels

Relaxed BloggBeing an entrepreneur for 18 years now I had to find different ways to deal with stress effectively. Stress is something that all leaders have to learn to manage. When not managed properly it will lead to many health conditions such as a heart condition, diabetes, high blood pressure etc.
Do you ever wake up and don’t feel like yourself? I have .. How do you deal with this? The first thing about not feeling like your self is being aware that this is going on. You have to learn to be in tune with your self. You learn to be in tune by asking yourself a few simple questions throughout the day like how am I feeling right now. Do I feel happy, relaxed , nervous, excited ? Asking yourself these questions on a regular basis through out the day will help you be in touch with you. It is very important that you are in tune with you because how you feel will dictate how everything else in your day goes. Have you noticed when you wake
up and say I don’t feel too good or I feel off the rest of your day goes exactly down that path. This is why its extremely important that when we are feeling off we learn to get our phychic up.

There are many ways one can do this. Some of the things I like to do on a regular basis is exercise in the morning. I prefer to get on my treadmill and go for thirty minutes. That tends to get my day moving in the right direction. Even if my day does not go as planed I feel empowered to take the day head on after a good run. When you exercise in the morning it gets your body moving the blood flowing  and endorphins going which have proven to get you in a good mood.

Breathing techniques, learn to breath to improve your psychological state. There are a variety of breathing techniques that help improve ones moods. one of my favorite is breath in for 5 seconds hold your breath for 5 seconds and breath out for 5 seconds. This is a great 15 second breathing strategy to relief stress in the middle of the day when things feel like they are not going the way they should. It is very important that you are aware or the way feel because as you feel so will your day go. Another great breathing technique is put your arms above your head breath deep for 10 second and then put your arms down and breath out for ten seconds. This exercise will bring oxygen to your brain and will get you in a more relaxed state.

Last thing one can do to improve their mood and lower stress is go out for a walk. In the middle of the day when things are crazy at work, go out for a walk right after you have your lunch. Not only will this lower your stress and clear your mind but it has tremendous health benefits. I have the luxury of living in a part of the country that has a lot of nature trails. When I am not feeling in tuned with myself I like to go out in the woods by myself and meditate. This does wonders for me and it will do the same for you if give it a try.

The most important thing is for you to be aware. Ask yourself in the morning how am I feeling this morning? Say to yourself today will be a great day because I feel great. There is a magic with the words you speak. We have the tendency to feel better when we say we feel good. Next time someone ask you how you doing today answer them with I feel fantastic!

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By: Martin Perdomo CEO

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