Business Mastery 2017

Business Mastery 2017

August 16, 2017  I arrived in Las Vegas Nevada not knowing what to expect as I entered a very expensive business seminar held by Mr. Tony Robbins. The very first day at the event was to get us in the right state, the music was playing the lights were dimmed and the dancers were on stage. Immediately after the dancers get off the stage Tony comes out and BAM! he’s right in your face giving it to you. The first thing I realized was that he was making me aware of things that seemed so obvious but most us in business can’t see because we are too busy operating our business rather owning our business. Yes there is a difference, an operator works in the business and not on the business and boy oh boy that was a slap in my face but a good slap because it woke me up. An operator is so lost in his business that he can’t see the forest for the trees. An owner on the other hand is constantly building a foundation so that he no longer has to work in the business and his team runs his business while he works on the business. Mr Robbins said “If you want to get rich the only way you will ever do that is by becoming a business owner”  Then we were faced with facing the reality of identifying who you really are in your business. Are you an Artist /Creator , Manager/Leader or Entrepreneur?. Artist creator is a person that has a particular skill with a passion to do what he does and thats why he/she went into business, likes to do things himself and prefers to be in control. A Manager /Leader is a person who is good at leading other, creating and implementing processes and an Entrepreneur is the person that is in business just for the thrill of the risk and or make money, he or she has no emotional attachment to the business all he/she wants is to make money.

By this time I was already feeling really upset! Internally I had been faced with the harsh reality that most things I thought about in business or how I was as a business owner was absolutely wrong. I quickly realized that I was an Entrepreneurial Artist /Creator and I was lacking a lot of different skills If I was ever going to get to where I want want to be. That night I went to my hotel really upset at myself because here are very successful business people telling me if you want to scale our business this is what you need to be doing and what you are currently doing is wrong… SH** I have some serious changes to make! Okay usually I am the one that is sought after for advice by many and when this occurred I to got in my head and as Tony says “If you get in your head your dead” After two days of being totally pissed off at myself the growth started. I decided ok I have traveled the road less traveled Im here looking to grow and gain new skills let me embrace and start moving forward from here. I started having the right conversations in head and I started asking better questions. I got to the point of enough pain and pain causes change. Yes thats right pain causes change. I finally embraced this process and boom everything started to fall into place. I met people from all walks of life and different countries gained some potential new clients referred some of my contacts to others and it was a wonderful growing and learning experience for me as well as many others that were there. This experience at this business seminar will change my life and the way I do my business. I say to any business owner that is considering going to this event do it. This will be one of the best investments you will make in your business. Tony taught us to always create raving fans of your clients by over delivering in value and I say to you that Tony has done that for me. Me being an NLP coach and consultant just like Tony I have to say he is a master in the craft.

By: Martin A. Perdomo NLP®

Time Line Theraphy®, Hypnotherapy, Peak Performance Coach


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