09 May 2016

Grow Your Network: What are some benefits?

I recently was accepted into the New York City Cohort of Mujeres de HACE program. For those who do not know, the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE) (Facebook, Twitter)is a national non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of Latino Professionals. They help Latinos succeed in every phase of their careers through education, access, and professional development. It is a privilege and an honor to be a part of this “elite” group of women.
I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Marlene Gonzalez, founder and president of Life Coaching Group, LLC. and author of Latinization and the Latino Leader. She is a certified Executive Coach and Insights Discovery practitioner. I also had the pleasure of meeting an amazing group of Latina women who I will have the pleasure of networking with and growing with for the next several weeks.

I applied to the Mujeres de HACE program mainly to network but I have gotten so much more. In a short period of time they have given me insight into my leadership capabilities, what it truly means to be a leader, and how I can improve on the skills I already possess.
In my career, I have not met many Latina professionals. There are many of us out there, but it is up to us to find them and network with one another. It is extremely important for me to build this network not only to support me in my current roles but to help me build my leadership capacity. Due to this network I had the honor of being interviewed for the IBM Latino Blog. It also provided me with an entire network of women that I did not have access to before. We are building relationships and supporting one another in our goals.
As a business consultant, and coach, continually learning ensures that I can provide my clients with the best possible service that I have to offer. Being mentored by people in your field will help expand your skills. It is up to you find the experts in your field. To network with people and build relationships outside of your job that can enhance your career.

Recently I have connected to other networks for the same purpose. LatinaVida, Business of WE, BOSS Network, ICF, NSA, Prospanica, and the Women Speakers Association just to name a few.  Having resources to help you create joint ventures and partnerships that you otherwise would not have.  It has been an amazing learning experience as well. All these networks have proven to be places where I have learned new skills and content that I can share with my clients and staff.

What are you doing to grow your network?
As always please share your comments below what’s on your “mind”, what is your “will’!

Co-Founder & COO

09 May 2016


People that make money work in the Mint. If one wants to earn money, one simply must increase the service rendered to others. The same holds true, that it’s not how much money one makes, but how disciplined and consistently that person saves and invests. So, I would like to share the 7 cures for a lean purse, from The Richest Man in Babylon, by George Classon.

  1. Start thy purse to fattening. (Part of all you earn is yours to keep 10%)
  2. Control thy expenditures. (Create a budget, do not spend more than you earn)
  3. Make thy gold multiply. (Invest your money, where it can earn dividends)
  4. Guard thy treasure from loss. (Protect your assets from any losses)
  5. Make of thy dwelling a profitable investment. (Buy the home you live in)
  6. Insure a future income. (Invest in your future self, you will not be young forever, protect your family in the event of premature death)
  7. Increase thy ability to earn. (Self-improve, learn, grow expand your skills)

These money principals are very sound. If you are one that struggles with your money and are not sure where to start, begin today saving 3% of everything you earn. Put it in a place you can’t touch. Put it in a safe or some place in your home that is not that easily accessible to you, I know this sounds a bit old school but for some people this it what it takes until you have developed the discipline. Then gradually increase what you pay yourself. There is something empowering about seeing your money grow. This is what I call the law of the process. Everything in life has a process even the accumulation of money. Learn to pay yourself first it is vital to your financial health.

Stop for a moment and think. How do you feel when you think about money? Does your stomach get upset or do you feel a sense of power and security? Take the time to examine this feeling and trace it back to your childhood and ask yourself, why do I feel the way I feel about money? What was my first encounter with money? was it a positive or a negative encounter? This will help you uncover where your subconscious “lid” on money is and what’s really holding you back from earning more money, saving more money and being more aware of money. It all starts with our awareness, we must first become aware of our feelings about our finances then make a decision to change it and start taking action. George Bernard Shaw stated that, “It’s the duty of every man not to be poor.”

Martin Perdomo is a seasoned entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of elite sales consulting group. Martin has presided over three companies and still continues to thrive in todays business environment.

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By: Martin Perdomo CEO

Elite Sales Consulting Group
“Strong Mind, Strong Will”

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The Richest Man in Babylon By George Classon


04 May 2016


Wealth is a conscious process. You choose how much money you make. Everyone has money blueprints. Some can be cultural, spiritual, familial, and even from your gender. These blueprints create your mindset. Your mindset creates your experience. Wealth is a discipline. You have to be responsible for every dollar that comes in and every dollar that goes out.

Know that the prosperity in your life does not reflect your service in the world. You are worthy of receiving all that you want. You can create miracles when you speak. Define what you love, then go do it. Create wealth doing what you love. It’s all about taking action. Become actively engaged in your development. Pursue your calling with 100% laser-focus and absolute certainty towards fulfilling your dreams. Give yourself permission to not know it all and take risks towards your goal. Honor your gifts and talents.

Wealth is also about what you do with what you make. Respect what you have. Write it down. Understand where your money is going. Create good habits. Follow the “golden rules” of wealth accumulation:

  1. Save First, Invest Second.
  2. Save least 10% of your income.
  3. Use credit wisely.
  4. Start investing early and think long-term.
  5. Diversify.
  6. Take full advantage of your employer’s retirement plan and other tax-advantaged investments.
  7. Invest more, reduce debt.

Continue to learn and your mindset will change. A rich mindset will give you the motivation to be disciplined and create the wealth you desire.

04 May 2016

What is your “Highest Purpose”?

Who can you inspire if you move past your fear? Sales is about service. When you solve people’s problems they will self-select and choose you. You become the solution! It is important not to be part of the norm. For that to happen you cannot be lazy. You must always be willing to learn and be a student. Commit to being a radical, unapologetic student.

A salesperson must also be willing to create. Find your voice. Let go of fear. Being afraid is an unconscious reaction. Become attracted to the results you produce in the world. When you do this, your results will bigger than your fear. Analyze what value you bring to your customers. Make a mental and emotional shift to risk it all for your goals. Make a plan that works for you. Find someone to hold you accountable. Be committed to win while maintaining the ability to serve.

When you are in service, it is hard to be in ego. Ego will never let you be successful. It does not belong in sales. Sales involves building relationships. The ego does not allow good relationships to flourish. When you have dignified conversations with customers, it opens up the possibility for them to take action; to make powerful decisions. Sell with integrity. Speak from your source. Speak with passion. Customers are determined by the words you use. The distance between everything you want and need is language. Change your language and change your results. If your highest purpose is to serve, then you will have success in sales.