Accurate Thinking

Accurate Thinking

I’m asking you today to use man’s greatest asset possessed by him, his “Mind”. We have to come to the realization that not everything we hear is factual. The saying not everything that shines is gold is true. Let’s learn to question people that try to influence us in our everyday lives. In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill states that most opinions are without value because they are based on bias, prejudice, intolerance, guess work and out-and-out ignorance. I will share with you the Seven Rules of Accurate Thinking by Napoleon Hill.

  1. Never accept the opinions of other people of being facts until you learn the source of those opinions and are satisfied yourself of there accuracy.
  2. Free advice should bare the closes of examination before it is classified as safe.
  3. Alert yourself immediately when you hear anyone speaking of others in a discourteous or slanderous spirit.
  4. In asking other for information do not disclose to them what yo wish the information to be. most people have the bad habit of trying to please under such circumstances. Great measured artful questions can be a great benefit in thinking accurately.
  5. Anything that exist anywhere throughout the universe is capable of proof. When no such proof is available it is safer to assume nothing exist.
  6. Truth and falsehood no matter by what means they are expressed carry a silent invisible means of identifying themselves as such.
  7. Follow the habit of asking how do you know? When anyone makes a statement you can not identify as true.


I like to use these principals when others are looking to influence me in some way. I always ask what is this person trying to achieve? What is his/her motive? The source where the information is coming from is also very important. We must learn to think as individuals and not be easily influenced by others without understanding why that person is trying to influence us. It is even more important that we teach our children to think, ask questions ,and not just follow the followers.

By learning to practice these principals in your everyday life it will give you a sense of power and control over your “MIND” and how you allow others to influence you whether it be positive or negative. Make yourself aware !

Martin Perdomo is a seasoned entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of elite sales consulting group. Martin has presided over three companies and still continues to thrive in todays business environment.

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By: Martin Perdomo CEO

Elite Sales Consulting Group
“Strong Mind, Strong Will”

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